Kölln KGaA has a pole position on the German breakfast cereals market. The company was established in Elmshorn in 1820. Since then the core competence of this medium-sized company has always been the production and processing of top-quality flakes and cereals made of oats, one of the most healthy type of grain cereal. Köllnflocken is by far the top-of-class brand and is synonymous with a whole group of healty cereal products.

In addition to oat flakes and various oat flakes specialities, Kölln offers a wide range of classic and crunchy muesli products, its new products often set standards in the muesli market. The Kölln range is rounded off by other traditional cereal products, oat drinks and cereal snacks.

In Germany, the Kölln brand received the food trade’s “Top Brand” award for the third time in 2010. Beyond Germany’s borders, the Kölln brand enjoys a reputation as a premium-quality and its quality oat products are well known in many countries throughout the world.

The Hun -Trade Ltd and Peter Kölln KGaA have been in business relation since 2007.
Kölln glutenfree tender oat flakes 500g
Kölln Instant Oats 200g
Kölln Muesli Cranberry & Oats 375g
Kölln Muesli with banana and whole milk chocolate 500g
Kölln Muesli chocolate & oats 375g
Kölln Muesli chocolate cherry & oats 375g
Kölln Muesli Wholegrain fruit & oats 375g
Kölln Muesli bar chocolate 100g
Kölln Muesli bar cranberry 100g
Kölln pithy oat flakes 500g
Kölln Oat Crispies Chocolate 375g
Kölln crunchy muesli with 6% chocolate and 4% caramel pieces 500g
Kölln crunchy muesli with 10% chocolate-mint-chips 500g
Kölln Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Brittle & Oats 375g
Kölln Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Biscuits Cacao & Oats 375g
Kölln Muesli Crunchy Chocolate Bisquit & Oats 375g
Kölln Muesli Crunchy Honey-Nut & Oats 375g
Kölln Crispy Oat Bran 250g
Kölln Crispy cereal with whole milk chocolate 375g
Kölln Crispy cereal with honey 375g
Kölln Crispy cereal 300g
Kölln wholegrain oat flakes fine 500g
Kölln White oat flakes 375g
Kölln Muesli Bars Yogurt Strawberry 100g
Kölln Muesli Fruits & Oats - no added sugar
Kölln Oat Granola Chocolate Coffee 500g
Kölln Oat Muesli Yogurt Strawberry 500g
Kölln Oat Muesli Chocolate Cherry 500g
Kölln Berry Porridge 375g
Kölln Chocolaty Porridge 375g
Kölln Fruity Porridge 375g
Smelk ® Oat Drink BIO Glutenfree 1L