The Ruf  is one of the most famous German brands in the food segment.

The company was established in 1920 in Quakenbrueck. The founders were Clemens Rump and Hubert Flerlage.

Under the RUF brand name the comnpany  offer various product lines. Theb core part of the RUF sortiment is placed  on baking ingredients, desserts and cake mixes. Int he RUF  product lines you’ll find nifty products for quick preparation. RUF products have been known, tried and proven for years wordwide.

One of RUF’s key quality feature is  usage of   premium quality ingredients in order to  generate a convincing taste experience.

Hun-Trade Ltd and RUF have been working together since 2009.

  • Making Preserves
RUF Bourbon Vanille sugar
RUF Brownies 366g
RUF White Chocolate Blondies
RUF Chocolate Chunk Brownies
RUF potato starch 500 g
RUF citrus sugar
RUF Cupcake raspberry-vanille
RUF Kaiserschmarrn mit Rosinen
RUF chocolate chunks
RUF chocolate decor
RUF decor mix ABC
RUF decor mix confetti
RUF decor mix colourful beads
RUF Decor mix Flower Power
RUF decoration rasps pink 1x100g
RUF rollfondant black 250g
RUF rollfondant pink 250g
RUF rollfondant turquoise 250g
RUF cinnamon sugar
RUF Glutenfree Brownie 420g
RUF Glutenfree Chocolate flakes cake
RUF Glutenfree Chocolate muffins with glaze 350g
RUF Glutenfree Biscuits with glaze 475g
RUF whipped cream fix
RUF Whipped Cream
RUF vegan whipped cream powder 2x88g
RUF poppy seed loaf
RUF Marzipan cake
RUF Whole Milk Chocolate Chunks
RUF cocktail cherries
RUF corn starch
RUF Muffins Blueberry
RUF Citrus Muffins
RUF Orange sugar
RUF Puding powder chocolate
RUF puding powder Vanille
RUF glaze Bourbon vanilla 100g
RUF glaze dark chocolate 100g
RUF cocoa glaze 100g
RUF glaze hazelnut 100g
RUF glaze milk chocolate 100g
RUF Baking powder
RUF dired yeast
RUF Decor beads
RUF glucose
RUF Instant milk rice
RUF citrus peel aroma
RUF Fix cake coating red
RUF Fix cake coating transparent
RUF chocolate pieces
RUF cake dressing red
RUF cake dressing transparent
RUF Vanille sugar
RUF Vanille sugar 1kg
RUF heart waffle double 2x250g
RUF "Weinstein" Baking powder